Things that irk me.

Well, let me start off by saying I dislike math homework.

Now, I am an opinionated girl. My brain is full of things that I feel the need to discuss. Today kids, this discussion is on gay marriage. Who died and gave you the right to prevent two people who love eachother from getting married? Let’s be real here. Who? As a Christian myself, I find it awfully hypocritical of you (ESPECIALLY the WBC) to claim to be doing God’s will, when you won’t follow any of his OTHER commands. You like shrimp? Sin. Oh, your clothing is made of two different fabrics? What about tattoos? Yeah, I’m talking to you with the tweety bird on your ankle. And let’s not forget about the females who didn’t live outside while on their periods. To hell with ALL of you.

Just kidding. I don’t really believe in hell. No, what REALLY irks me is the jump people make from two men getting married to bestiality. Would you marry a goat? No. Can goats say “I do”? No. And better yet, they can’t sign marriage liscenses. So there.

Seriously. All day I’ve heard people make that argument. If my baby sis wanted to marry a girl would you really stop her? She has just as much of a right to happiness as any of you fools. And believe me, if you try to stop her, or anyone I know from loving who they love, I will fight with every ounce if my will. With every bit of power I have I will fight for what is right.

We look back at the arguments made for women’s equality, for civil rights. We all just want to be happy. Why is it ok for us to vote on someone else’s happiness? Why is this even an issue?

I don’t get it. I don’t understand. The second someone brings up marriage equality, someone else says their rights as a Christian are being infringed upon. Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one. Don’t like Gay Marriage? Don’t have one. Saying gay marriage is against your religion is like saying you’re on a diet and everyone should lay off the donuts because it offends you.


Stop with the hate.

Stops with the violence.

I stand by one of the most truthful phrases ever: make love, not war.

Stop the unkind words, stop the name calling. Start appreciating eachother for the vast diversity within us.

What would happen if we decided blonde hair was agains a mainstream religion? Do we force blondes to hide their natural state? Do we dye their hair by force?

See how silly that sounds? Yeah. Me too.

So go find a little time to research. Look at how many families are being screwed over because they don’t have the ability to love who they please, freely.

Denying someone the rights you already have is immoral and to say anything otherwise is ignorant. If you believe in a right, of any sort, it has to be world wide. Every single person on the planet is entitled to that same thing as you. Remember that.


One thought on “Things that irk me.

  1. BUT I’m highly offended by something that is none of my business and has no effect on me!!! HEEED MY IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED OPINION!!!

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