Hello again, to the three you that read this. I have a question for you. Are firefighters, those in military service, and police officers heroes? I’m going to say no, and before you come at me with pitchforks and torches, listen to my reasoning.

I am a firm believer that if something is in your power, you have the duty to fix it. If you see a baby fall through the fencing around a second story balcony, and you have legs, it is your DUTY to get your ass over there to the baby. If there are starving people in your city and you can afford to feed them, and you just watch children wither away day after day, you are an awful person. But if you feed them, that doesn’t make you a hero. Because you had the ability to fix a need, and you did so. Saying you’re a hero is like saying I did my math homework. Ridiculous. I didn’t do my homework because I was in the right place at the right time, no. I did my homework because it is my duty. And I want to graduate.

Hero: Someone who gets other people killed – Serenity.

Whether or not this makes me an enemy of the state, I don’t belive in heroes. I just don’t. Now, I believe in good people doing good work. I believe people are mostly good, that society may corrupt them, but for the most part, humanity doesn’t consist of heartless, awful people. I also don’t believe in original sin. I don’t get it. Partially because everything is blamed on a single woman, and partially because HAVE YOU SEEN BABIES? They are cute. They have little toes. And they can’t even wipe the slobber off of their chubby necks by themselves, so how can they be the root of all evil? Babies come out of a body knowing nothing, unable to fend for themselves. Brand new babies can’t be sinful. They just can’t. Jesus sasys children are allowed into heaven by default, because they are innocent. So how does this original sin stuff work? Oh wait…

This is why I hate getting a “who is your hero” prompt on an essay. What if I don’t have one?


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  1. I believe heroes are real. To me the people that are still good are heroes. Marcus use my hero, you and Hally are my heroes.

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