Long day #63826295

Well, I’m back.

I like consistency. If things are going to be abismal, make them be consistently so. The same goes for wonderful things, for rules, for emotion. I don’t like chaos, nor do I like misunderstanding, so when my life seems to be a chaotic, misunderstood mess, we have issues. It seems, more often than not lately, that the world missed that memo. I feel like someone upstairs has me in a snowglobe. Living in Arizona, that might seem likea good thing. Snow? Sure, thanks. Now, imagine I am trying to build a snowman. I have the body built to perfection, the best arm-sticks to be found, a cute carrot nose.

*shake shake shake*

Ok, a set back. That’s fine, I’ll rebuild. I build a body, replace the arm-sticks. This time I find a top hat, adding a sense of fashion to my frozen gentleman. I’m feeling really proud of my snowman.

*shake shake shake*

/sigh. Ok, third time’s the charm, right? Wrong. At this point, I’m cold, and I can’t feel my hands. I ate the carrot, and in the madness of the shaking the arm-sticks broke. I’m about to say screw this and go inside when I find a note taped to the door that reads “One wonderful, top-notch snowman required for entry,” and I turn back around.

Three snowmen? Seems silly, right? Anyone can do that. What if I were to say I’ve been stuck outside for years. My last creation, Snowman #4597876645.56 has just been destroyed. My hands at this point are so cold, I ate the carrot around the first day basically preventing me from ever completing that request. every time I try to enter the house there is a new rule tacked to the door.What do I do now? I wait for the snow to clear and have at it again.

I have a problem with people whose only consistency is their lack therof. Teachers who change the rules everyday, parents who decide on a whim to change everything up, bosses who never fully tell you what they expect. I guess really, all I want is to know what is expected at the beginning. Don’t change the rules halfway through the game, and sure as hell don’t get upset when got I lost four rules ago.

Now, that sounds very teenage-angst like, doesn’t it?Parents, teachers, everyone, do us all a favor the next time you feel the urge to change your expectations. Please, PLEASE, inform the populace. We don’t need a whole world of angry snowman-builders arriving with pitchforks and torches to start a snowglobe revolution. -Ashlyn, Day 2


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